As our products are "Triple E" rated,  you would qualify for Accelerated Capital Allowance, which entitles you to write off the full capital amount in the current year. In addition, you would qualify for a grant under the Better Energy Community Scheme which can be as high as 50% of the total project cost. Our expert team would be pleased to advise you and facilitate your application with SEAI.

 ENERGY CREDITS, Carbon Credits:

The main utility companies will contribute to projects using our LiteBLOCK™ Technology from Canada. This contribution can be in the region of 10% to 15% of the total project cost. Our LiteBLOCK™ LED Sports & Commercial Fixtures has 100% LOR (light output ratio) and  PF 0.99 (Power Factor) 125 - 170lm/watt. More info on


Our funding partners would be pleased to offer attractive rates to fund your project for over 5 years. As our average payback period for projects is only 2 years it means that your funding costs would be only 40% of your energy saving cost for the 5 year period, and nothing thereafter. We offer a manufacturers warranty for >10 years. Up to 20-year warranty –(negotiable)  IP 68 - the anticipated lifespan would be in the region of 30 years.

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