LiteBLOCK™ LED Hi-bays IP67

Specification Sheet for 21,000 Lumen LiteBLOCK™️ LED High-Efficiency Hi-Bay 

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  • 1.0  Main Features
  • 1.1  LiteBLOCK™️ LED lighting products (Patent Pending) have been developed to the highest standards – utilizing aerospace technology to ensure high reliability and performance previously unattainable.
  • 1.2  The LiteBLOCK™️ LED lighting system is composed of two main components manufactured to custom requirements:
    • a)  LED Module (Patent Pending)             
    • b)  Driver (Innovative high efficiency)
  • LiteBLOCKTM is a light engine which can be adapted to customer requirements.
  • 1.3  Depending on the application and intended use, our LED modules produce illumination efficacies from 130 Lm/W (Lumens per Watt) to over 175 Lm/W; numerous possible applications being: industrial and commercial lighting, e.g. bay, Airports, sport; ambiance or external field applications such as NSF or hazardous environments. Our minimal environmental category is IP65.
  • 1.4  The LED Driver Modules are specifically configured for specific LED Modules and are not client configurable or interchangeable with other products. The Driver module is usually mounted with the LED module resulting in an integrated structure complying with the most rigorous safety and performance standards.
  • 1.5  Our LiteBLOCKTM LED lighting series is designed to give our clients the utmost flexibility enabling adaption to most applications. The specification below is specific to the standard product, however, we can consider custom needs or inquiries which extend beyond our published data.
LiteBLOCK™ 160w LED Highbay (130lm/w) >150,000 hr life, replacing 400w MH Highbays. Up to 30% more light & 65% less Energy used. As seen in North County Cricket Club, Ireland. We are seeking UK & European Distributors for our range of LiteBLOCK Sports & Commercial LED Lighting.