LiteBLOCK Technology

Technology Features:

    1. We fabricate all LiteBLOCK products for the IP68 category; However, in lieu of specialized high-pressure testing, our standard product is a minimum of IP 65 category.

    2. Lumen Output of LiteBLOCK products is from 300 LMS to 300,000 LMS.

    3. Efficacy – From 120 LM/W to over 160 LM/W for refrigerated applications or arctic climatic conditions.

    4. System reliability and color maintenance are 4 X Better than IESNA LM-80 requirements. (Due to thermal and optical UV derating)

    5. Lumen Maintenance – 4 X Better than TM-21 L70 Lifetime Projections. (Due to thermal and optical derating)

    6. MTBF of overall system > 200,000 hrs. @ 35 Deg. C Ambient. (Using method MIL-HDBK-217 calculations)

    7. Custom Applications to Client Requirements considered.

    8. Technology and Manufacture support available in Europe and North America.

    9. Meets World Utility Power Supplies when required.

    10. Up to 20-year warranty.