For the Food Industry.

Light fittings for spaces intended for storage and preparation of foods must meet very strict technical and sanitary criteria. In order to preserve sterility, the light fittings are often cleaned with aggressive detergents. A light fitting intended for food processing plants must be tight to avoid reproduction of germs inside its warm and protected environment. It must withstand high temperatures in kitchens or low temperatures in freezing plants. Light fittings in restaurants or bars should induce a pleasant atmosphere.

LiteBLOCK™ LED Driver Modules are specifically configured for specific LED Modules and are not client configurable or interchangeable with other products. The Driver module is usually mounted with the LED module resulting in an integrated structure complying with the most rigorous safety and performance standards

LiteBLOCK™  Hi-bay's IP67  - Self-cleaning lens> 10-year warranty - 130 lm per/watt. 10,000 and 20,000 lumen output, 12 & 17 inch ∅.   Our LiteBLOCK™ LED lighting series is designed to give our clients the utmost flexibility enabling adaption to most applications. 

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