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LiteBLOCK is an Canadian Company specializing in the supply of LED products. We operate on a European network in a diverse group of industries from Domestic, Industrial & Commercial, LED technology is now at a point where our products longevity can reach more than 150,000 hours. At LiteBLOCK we therefore focus on the long term needs of our clients and products. Ownership costs and maintenance plans can often be overlooked, LiteBLOCK ensure there is no oversight or hidden costs for the product throughout its use. We provide the highest quality LED based products by integrating premium components to optimize product performance and reliability.
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LiteBLOCK™ LED Sports Lights from Canada.

IYWInc Industries YiFei Wang Inc.,
114 Rue au Bois Dormant
QC, Canada. J5K 1C8
Tel: 514-715-8600
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